Video Production

"I think you are in need of more kudos! You know how to work with the best in folks.
A lot of people will see your work and it will effect them in very positive ways.
You're an important part of our circle of care."
- Roni Kendall, The Cancer Connection of Austin, Austin, TX

If web design is what we eat for breakfast, then video and motion graphics are what we eat for lunch and dinner. Let's talk about ideas you might not have thought were possible at an affordable cost.

Today's consumer is tech-savvy. They expect much more from a company than just being online. They want to see it in action. At Philly Puddy, we know this. And through our own experience, we have seen the metrics of what works, and what doesn't. Trust us. We do this for a living.

To see the most extensive collection of our video work, visit us @ our home on YouTube or the P3 full production site.

"David is a great listener and was very responsive throughout the process.
Phil's technical expertise is outstanding, and his creative input was invaluable...I highly recommend!"
- Claudia Bernhardt, Sachem Chemical, Austin, TX

Outside In: Getting Lost and Found In Alaska
An intensely personal documentary about myself (Phil) and where I am at in my life. It was only intended to be a video diary, but it ended up becoming much more than that to me. This is really more of a demonstration of our filmmaking skills which can be explored further at I highly encourage other creatives are those struggling to take a "leap of faith" in their lives to watch it.

Live Production Video: Dragoween 2016
When asked to show up and film a live presentation at the last minute, we come full of energy and deliver. These are just some of the "raw shots" we did of this show, since YouTube blocked the full version due to copyright stuff...Even if the songs were open licensed karaoke versions of parodied songs...But you get the idea.

Diamond O Fragrances: Commercial
A trip to San Antonio,TX, and a commercial for our clients is born. Have a grand old time.

CinemaTech: Company Overview
This was a video made for a company in Dallas, TX, which builds in-home theaters.

Live Interview: Mini-Documentary: Olivia's Story
We conducted the direction, video capture and post-production on this inspiring story in 2020 concerning Olivia and her triumph's over learning disabilities.

Knowbility: What Is Knowbility?
Knowbility is a non-profit that ensures the web is accessible to those with disabilities.

Marvel Industrial Coatings: Company Overview
Company overview video for Marvel Industrial Coatings in Houston.


Philly Puddy: Jean Claude Van Damme Green Screen Challenge
I mean, come on. We had to do it.

Bromance On Film: "Fiend" (S4Ep005)
This is an adult comedy web series we do over at P3 where we show off our creative side as well as our goofy side. We have four seasons of movie riffing fun over at If you love Mystery Science Theater 3000, you'll probably love this. It's our homage to the show.

The Lost Cause Time Lapse: Time Lapse
This was a video made on location for a movie. A graffiti artist known as "The Lost Cause" was commissioned to paint an image of a clown for the movie.




Anywhere You Want Us To Be
[but based in Austin, TX]