Animation & Motion Graphics

"Can I tell you once again how great you are!!! Thank you!"
- Erin Grant, Futures Academy

If web design is what we eat for breakfast, then animation and motion graphics are what we eat for lunch and dinner. Let's talk about ideas you might not have thought were possible at an affordable cost.

Today's consumer is tech-savvy. They expect much more from a company than just being online. They want to see it in action. At Philly Puddy, we know this. And through our own experience, we have seen the metrics of what works, and what doesn't. Trust us. We do this for a living.

To see the most extensive collection of our video work, visit us @ our home on YouTube or the P3 full production site.

"WOW! is my first impression...This is looking fantastic!"
- Rachel Dawn Hayes, Lo Scopo LLC, Austin, TX

Futures Academy: Summer School
Animated overview of Futures Academy's Summer School program based in California.

Futures Academy: Regular Enrollment
The follow up to the Futures Summer School program, another animated overview highlighting Futures Academy's Fall/Spring School program based in California.

PlusPass: Animation Demo
The company started going in a different direction shortly after they hired us to promote their product, but what we started was a lot of fun and thought should be enjoyed.

Lott Bros: Clear Flow Matrix Overview
Animated process overview for Lott Brothers. All info is the right of the company.

Lott Brothers: Hand Off Video
Animated process overview for Lott Brothers. All info is the right of the company.

Company Promo: Cusimano Architects
Animated promo for an Austin, TX architect looking to generate buzz for their upcoming website launch on Instagram. There are whole series of this available to see on our YouTube channel.


"Scenes From Paradise"
Animation displaying parallax animation on steroids, 2018.


Anywhere You Want Us To Be
[but based in Austin, TX]